Species Tulips

Species, Wild or Botanical

The Species Tulip or Wild Tulip, sometimes called the Botanical Tulip, is an amazingly diverse group found growing in the wild areas of Europe & Central Asia

Species tulip T. sylvestrisabove: Species tulips or wild tulips T. sylvestris, photo Wikipedia.

The Wild or Species Tulip
There has been a resurgence of interest in species tulips, going back to the "unimproved" forms of our garden flowers. They are best adapted to their native mountain gorges and rocky slopes, but many are suitable for pot cultivation or as rockery plants and are becoming more readily available from commercial suppliers.

Although species tulips are generally much smaller than their bolder garden hybrids, they are far from dull.


Species or wild tulip, T. tardaabove: Species tulips or wild tulips T. tarda, photo Wikipedia.Species tulips T. turkestanica  above: Species tulips or wild tulips T. turkestanica, photo Wikipedia.