Tulip Show Results 2023

Another successful tulip year with some beautiful flowers and a special Coronation Class in honour of King Charles.

Tulip Agbrigg Feather
above Judge Jane Green assisted by Dan Smith scrutinising an 'Agbrigg' feather
Results of the Tulip Society's 188th Annual Show

The Wakefield and North of England Tulip Society's 188th Annual Show was held at the Ossett War Memorial Community Centre on Sunday 7th May 2023. It is always a delight to see these special flowers with growers often battling the odds to produce some amazing flowers for the show and this year was no exception. Despite the recent cooler weather and late season more than 30 exhibitors displayed tulip blooms at the Annual Show in Ossett, moved back one day due to the Coronation and a special class this year in honour of King Charles. The show was opened by Professor Jonathan Seville, a descendent of Sam Barlow the eminent Victorian tulip grower after whom the bizarre tulip 'Sam Barlow' was named.  Judy Baker was particularly successful with a T.  'Agbrigg' feather for Overall Premier Bloom. Florence Bell winning the Coronation Class and the Elizabeth Smith Medal for Best Exhibit by Exhibitor under 18 years of age.

Points Classes
F R Hunter Cup, Most points in Vase classes: Polly Nicholson:
Jim Akers Memorial Goblet, Most points in Open classes: Judy Baker:
Brook Silver Challenge Cup (The Novice Cup) & Glass Goblet, Most points in Novice classes: Lynn Gill:
Glass Goblet, Most points in Extra Open Classes: Jane Green:
The Dawson-Brown Trophy, Most points in English classes + ASYF: Dave Skinner.

Bloom Classes
Elizabeth Smith Silver Medal, Best Exhibit by Exhibitor under 18 years of age: Florence Bell (Aylesbury):
The James Akers Trophy, Best Feather in Show: Judy Baker: Agbrigg.
The Wendy Akers Trophy, Best Flame in Show: Jackie Kendall: Lord Stanley.
The Keith Eyre Trophy, Best Breeder Tulip in Show: Judy Baker: Goldfinder.
Peter Emmett Trophy, Best Exhibit Classes 2 - 8: Lynn Gill: Temple of Beauty.
Cochrane of Cults Vase, Best Bloom Classes 23 - 25: Judy Baker: Agbrigg.
The Dudmaston Plate, Best Bloom in Novice Classes 28 - 32: Jackie Kendall: Lord Stanley fl.
S Knowles Cup, Best Bloom in Extra Open Classes 33 - 36: Lynn Gill: Rosie Wainwright.
Turner Memorial Trophy, Best Sam Barlow: Chris Gill: Sam Barlow.
Albert Tear Memorial Trophy, Overall Premier Bloom: Judy Baker: Agbrigg.

Vase Classes

Class 1 The John Hardman Memorial, Vase of 18 Tulips (One variety) (4): 1. Polly Nicholson (Calne): La
Joyeuse. 2. Teresa Clements (Harrogate): Russian Princess. 3. Lynn Gill (Southowram): Olympic Flame.
Class 2 The Perkin Trophy, Vase of 9 Tulips (One variety) (9): 1. Lynn Gill: Temple of Beauty. 2. Greta
Smith (Preston): Ronaldo. 3. Polly Nicholson: unkown.
Class 3 Vase of 3 Tulips, red, pink or orange (One variety) (9): 1. Eric Kendall (Heckmondwike): Fancy. 2.
Marguerite Murray (Wakefield): Ballerina. 3. Greta Smith: Île de France.
Class 4 Vase of 3 Tulips, white, cream or yellow (One variety) (10): 1. Lynn Gill: North Pole. 2. Marguerite
Murray: Maureen. 3. Daniel Smith (Bollington): White Triumphator.
Class 5 Vase of 3 Tulips, brown, purple or black (One variety) (5): 1. Polly Nicholson: Vincent van Gogh. 2.
Sarah Brooks (Sheffield): Gorilla. 3. Daniel Smith: Blue Parrot.
Class 6 Vase of 3 Tulips, viridiflora (One variety) (1): 1. Eric Kendall: Green Spirit.
Class 7 Vase of 3 Tulips, not in classes 3-6 (One variety) (7): 1. Gill Starkey (Craster): Apricot Beauty. 2.
Barbara Pickering (Penistone): Fly Away. 3. Polly Nicholson: Insulinde.
Class 8 Vase of 5 tulips (species or small-flowered) (18): 1. Polly Nicholson: Danique. 2. Linda Van Lopik
(Pickering): Batalini Bright Gem. 3. Mike Wilson (Wakefield): Batalini Bright Gem.
Class 9 Vase of 12 English Florist Tulips: (No entries).
Class 10 Vase of 6 English Florist Tulips (1): 3. Jackie Kendall (Heckmondwike): unknown.

Open Classes
Class 11 The Eyre Family Trophy, Stand of 12 Breeders (different varieties) (2): 1. Judy Baker (Hitcham):
Gloria, Juliet, Rosie Wainwright, Lunae, Wendy Akers, Argyre, Columbine, Cydonia, Deryn Roberts,
Goldfinder, Mercury, Sam Barlow. 2. Chris Gill (Southowram): Rosie Wainwright, Aonius, Juliet, Gloria,
Music, Lunae, Albert Tear, Wendy Akers, Jack Taylor, Airy, Sam Barlow, Deryn Roberts.
Class 12 Needham Memorial Cup, Stand of 12 rectified English Tulips (all dissimilar) (1): 1. Judy Baker:
Juliet, Solis, Akers, Gloria, Habit de Noce, Jane L Eyre, Adonis, John Hardman, Lord Frederick Cavendish,
Airy, James Wild, Dr Hardy.
Class 13 Royles Jubilee Cup, Stand of 9 Breeders (different varieties) (2): 1. Judy Baker: Casius, Gloria,
Rosie Wainwright, Albert Tear, Wendy Akers, Cydonia, Deryn Roberts, Goldfinder, Mercury. 2. Chris Gill:
Solis, Aonius, Rosie Wainwright, Argyre, Music, Wendy Akers, Airy, Goldfinder, Deryn Roberts.
Class 14 Local Silver Challenge Cup, Stand of 9 English Florist Tulips (all dissimilar) (1): 1. Judy Baker: Judy
Baker, Julia Farnese, Casius, Wendy Akers, Bessie, Argyre, Mercury, James Wild, Sir Joseph Paxton.
Class 15 Silver Challenge Cup, Stand of 6 rectified English Florist Tulips (2): 1. Judy Baker: Akers, Ruth
Duthie, John Hardman, James Wild, Sir Joseph Paxton, Lemon Paxton. 2. Dave Skinner (Church Fenton):
Wakefield, Akers fe, Adonis fe, Jack Taylor fl, Jack Taylor fe.
Class 16 The G.S.Hunter Memorial Cup, Stand of 6 Breeders (different varieties) (2): 1. Judy Baker: Casius,
Juliet, Argyre, Wendy Akers, Deryn Roberts, Airy. 2. Chris Gill: Aonius, Judy Baker, Music, Wendy Akers,
Deryn Roberts, Sam Barlow.
Class 17 Stages Cup, Pan of 3 stages: one Breeder, one Flamed, one Feathered (1): 1. Judy Baker: James
Wild, James Wild fe, James Wild fl.
Class 18 Silver Plate, Pan of 3 Breeders: one Bizarre, one Bybloemen, one Rose (1): 1. Judy Baker: Juliet,
Cydonia, Deryn Roberts.
Class 19 Three Flamed (4): 1. Chris Gill: Gloria, Columbine, Lord Frederick Cavendish. 2. Judy Baker:
Wakefield, Argyre, James Wild. 3. Dave Skinner: Wakefield, Columbine, Jack Taylor.
Class 20 Three Feathered (2): 1. Judy Baker: Juliet, Agbrigg, Lord Frederick Cavendish. 2. Jane Green
(North Ferriby): Wakefield, Columbine, Royal Sovereign.
Class 21 Pair of Flamed (2): 1. Judy Baker: James Wild, Columbine. 2. Jane Green: Royal Sovereign, Mabel.
Class 22 Pair of Feathered (2): 1. Judy Baker: Agbrigg, James Wild. 3. Jane Green: Royal Sovereign, Utopia.
Class 23 One Breeder (8): 1. Chris Gill: Deryn Roberts. 2. Judy Baker: Sam Barlow. 3. Gill Starkey: Juliet.
Class 24 One Flamed (8): 1. Chris Gill: Lord Frederick Cavendish. 2. Judy Baker: James Wild. 3. David
Bonser (Craster): Wakefield.
Class 25 One Feathered (7): 1. Judy Baker: Agbrigg. 2. Dave Skinner: Judy Baker. 3. Jane Green: Adonis.

Seedling Classes
Class 26 Seedling Cup, One Seedling Breeder or Rectified raised by the exhibitor: (No entries).
Class 27 Three Seedling Breeders (one from each colour class): (No entries).

Novice Classes
Class 28 Pan of Three One Breeder, one Flamed, one Feathered (2): 2. Eeva Rumpunen (Halmstad): Lord
Stanley, Lord Stanley fe, Lord Stanley fl. 3. Lennart Hildingson (Halmstad): unknown br, Columbine fl, Lord
Stanley fe.
Class 29 One Breeder (21): 1. Daniel Smith: Mabel. 2. Lynn Gill: Rosie Wainwright. 3. Greta Smith: Casius.
Class 30 One Flamed (11): 1. Jackie Kendall: Lord Stanley. 2. Jackie Kendall: unknown. 3. Mike Wilson:
Class 31 One Feathered (5): 1. Daniel Smith: Sir Joseph Paxton. 2. Jackie Kendall: Lord Stanley. 3. Jackie
Kendall: unknown.
Class 32 The Gina Roozen Cup, Pan of 3 Breeders (4): one Bizarre, one Bybloemen , one Rose (4): 1. Lynn Gill:
Jack Taylor, Music, Judy Baker. 2. Emilie Wellfelt (Halmstad): Goldfinder, Music, Mabel. 3. Polly Nicholson:
Arcadia, Columbine, Mabel.

Extra Open Classes
Class 33 One Breeder (7): 1. Lynn Gill: Rosie Wainwright. 2. Lynn Gill: Music. 3. Polly Nicholson: Music.
Class 34 One Flamed (1): 1. Jane Green: Royal Sovereign.
Class 35 One Feathered (1): 2. Jane Green: Agbrigg.
Class 36 Pan of Three One Breeder, one Flamed, one Feathered (No entries)..

Class 37 Coronation Class:  1. Florence Bell (Aylesbury). 2. Teresa Clements (Harrogate). 3. Linda Chapman (Pickering)

Results of the Tulip Society's Small Show

Wakefield and North of England Tulip Society's Small Show was held at Wrenthorpe Village Hall on Sunday 21st May 2023 with 9 exhibitors showing the last of the season’s English Florists’ tulips. Again Chris Gill’s was successful winning The Billy Tear Trophy with a superb flamed T. ‘Talisman’ which was the Overall Premier Bloom.

Talisman Flame
above 'Talisman' flame winning overall Premier Bloom

Points Classes
The Wakefield Vase, Most points in Florists' Tulips classes: Chris Gill:

Bloom Classes
Best Feather in Show: John Wainwright: Agbrigg.
Best Flame in Show: Chris Gill: Talisman.
Best Breeder Tulip in Show: Sarah Brooks: Mabel.
The Billy Tear Trophy, Overall Premier Bloom: Chris Gill: Talisman.

Florists' Tulips Classes
Class 1 Stand of 9 Breeders (different varieties) (No entries).
Class 2 Stand of 9 English Florist Tulips (all dissimilar) (1): 1. Chris Gill
(Southowram): James Wild fl, Lord Frederick Cavendish fe, Nectar, Talisman fl,
Adonis fe, Talisman, Wakefield fl, Gloria fe, Hubert Calvert.
Class 3 Stand of 6 Breeders (different varieties) (2): 1. Sarah Brooks
(Oughtibridge): Talisman, Argyre, Rosie Wainwright, Mabel, Airy, Jack Taylor. 2.
Daniel Smith (Bollington): Wendy Akers, Music, Lunae, Casius, Mercury, Lemuria.
Class 4 Stand of 6 rectified English Florist Tulips (3): 1. Chris Gill: Talisman,
Bessie, Wakefield, Julia Farnese, Sir Joseph Paxton, Royal Sovereign. 2. Sarah
Brooks: Columbine, Habit de Noce, Rosie Wainwright, Utopia, Airy, Royal
Sovereign. 3. Roger Hinchliffe (Saddleworth): Jane L Eyre, unknown, Gloria, Mabel,
Nectar, Dr Hardy.
Class 5 Pan of 3 Breeders: one Bizarre, one Bybloemen, one Rose (7): 1. Chris
Gill: Talisman, Hubert Calvert, James Akers. 2. Gill Starkey (Craster): Music,
Casius, Nectar. 3. David Bonser (Craster): Music, Lunae, Mercury.
Class 6 Pan of 3 stages: one Breeder, one Flamed, one Feathered (3): 1. Chris Gill
(Southowram): Talisman, Talisman fl, Adonis fe. 2. Chris Gill: Nectar, Sir Joseph
Paxton fl, Royal Sovereign fe. 3. Sarah Brooks: Juliet, Wakefield fl, Juliet fe.
Class 7 Pair of Flamed (10): 1. Chris Gill: Wakefield, Sir Joseph Paxton. 2. Sarah
Brooks: Akers, James Wild. 3. Chris Gill: N H Eyre, Lord Frederick Cavendish.
Class 8 Pair of Feathered (2): 2. Daniel Smith: Rosie Wainwright, Lord Frederick
Cavendish. 3. David Bonser: Akers, Sir Joseph Paxton.
Class 9 One Breeder (23): 1. Chris Gill: Mabel. 2. Chris Gill: Hubert Calvert. 3.
David Bonser: Solis.
Class 10 One Flamed (14): 1. Chris Gill: Sir Joseph Paxton. 2. Chris Gill:
Wakefield. 3. Gill Starkey: James Wild.
Class 11 One Feathered (11): 1. John Wainwright (Bedale): Agbrigg. 2. Sarah
Brooks: Agbrigg. 3. David Bonser: Royal Sovereign.