Written by WNETS
above English florists' tulips Wendy Akers

The Tulip Society has tradition of growing English Florists' Tulips and to distinguish them from other types we generally refer to tulips within 3 broad groups:

English Florists' Tulips

Dutch Tulips

Species Tulips


  • English Florists' Tulips

    The English Florists' Tulip is distinguished by flamed and feathered markings caused by Tulip Breaking Virus, highly valued during Tulipomania.            

  • Dutch Tulips

    The Dutch Tulip is available in many forms including; Single Early tulip, Triumph Tulip, Lily-flowered Tulip, Fringed Tulip, Double Tulip, Parrot Tulip.     

  • Species Tulips

    The Species Tulip or Wild Tulip, sometimes called the Botanical Tulip, is an amazingly diverse group found growing in the wild areas of Europe & Central Asia.