Tulip Society Committee

Written by WNETS
James Wild flamed tulip
above Florists' tulip James Wild flame.

The Tulip Society Officers work to manage and promote the aims of the society on behalf of its members. The Committee is elected each year in October at the Annual General Meeting, and the Committee meet at intervals through the year to organise the society’s shows and events, discuss items of interest and resolve its day to day administration.

Officers 2016-2017

PRESIDENT: The Duke of Devonshire KVCO, CBE, DL

PATRONS: K. N. Eyre, J. L. Akers MBE

HON LIFE MEMBERS: Mrs A. Turner, P. Turner

VICE PRESIDENTS: P. Emmett, T. Mills, T. Clark, J. Ollerenshaw, Dr A. K. Swift, Mrs J. Green, B. Bingham, Mrs A. Pavord, Mrs W. Akers, Ms S. Akers, Mrs A. Smales, Mrs C. Gude, Mrs B. Pickering, M. Hainsworth, J. Wainwright, J Gibson, T. Mitchell, J. Pennings

CHAIRMAN: M. Hainsworth


HON SECRETARY: Mrs T. Clements, Priory Lodge, Leeds Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG2 8AA E. secretary[at]tulipsociety[dot]co.uk   or   t.clements[at]zetnet[dot]co.uk

HON TREASURER: Mr J Clements, Priory Lodge, Leeds Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG2 8AA E.   j.clements[at]zetnet[dot]co.uk

COMMITTEE: Mrs W. M. Akers, Ms S. Brooks, J. Clements, Mrs T. Clements, K. N. Eyre, J. Gibson, C. Gill, Mrs J.Green, Mrs C. Gude, M. Hainsworth, T. Mitchell,  N. Tyres, J. Wainwright

EDITOR: Ms T. Wiswell editor[at]tulipsociety[dot]co.uk